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Microphones and Direct Boxes

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Microphones and Direct Boxes

Posted by Def Productions on 06 Dec 2007 | Tagged as: Microphones and Direct Boxes

(4 ea) Audio Technica 3000 Wireless System
(1 ea) Audio Technica 2000 Wireless System
(4 ea) CAD Multi Pattern Microphones
(8 each) Shure Beta 57A microphones
(5 ea) EVI-ND468 Instrument microphones
(4 ea) Shure Sm-57 microphones
(3 ea) Crown CM700 microphones
(2 ea) Shure SM-58 microphones
(1 ea) Crown CM311 Head-Worn microphones
(1 ea) Audix D-1 Instrument microphones
(1 ea) Audix D-3 Instrument microphones
(1 ea) AKG-D112 Kick Drum microphones
(4 ea) Whirlwind Active Hotboxes
(4 ea) Whirlwind Director Boxes