Making Great Sounds Even Better!!!

DEF Productions, founded by Danny Fritts, has been serving the Puget Sound area since March 1996. Danny now has 20 years experience mixing sound for churches and bands from small to large events. He has 10 years experience in installations, with a background of 22 years in electronics and electrical repair for the government.

DEF Productions is your full service audio dealer, rentals and installations. We want to meet your needs on time and at a cost you can afford.

DEF Productions can meet all of your audio needs from small venues to large capacity venues. We have installed complete sound systems in small businesses and churches. We have also been able to provide that missing component to complete sound systems. We can get any product you would like, in addition to being an authorized dealer for Posh Speakers, Audio Technica, and Ansmann Energy.

Our goal is to provide fair prices for individual needs. We do not stock sound equipment; we order it when you want it. We provide an itemized price list with every estimate.