ANSMANN Batteries

Don’t like the hassle of rechargeable batteries?

Then you haven’t heard of ANSMANN Batteries.

An eco friendly battery that will out last any other battery you have ever tried.

I have used them for my business for over two years and am very satisfied.

SHURE puts their name behind them.

I always use these batteries on the Wireless Audio Technica 3000 and 2000 Microphone Systems and they have lasted 8 hours.

The recharging system is like non other.

ANSMANN has developed recharging bases so if the batteries still have life in them it will not hurt the batteries to plug them into the charger. These recharging systems will completely discharge the batteries then recharge them back up to their full capacity. Also with these chargers you can leave the batteries in them to keep them fully charged, ready until the next time you need them.

ANSMANN Batteries have a 1000 life cycle.

Why spend money on batteries you just throw away and fill up our landfills.